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brb, fangirling

just found out mark l. young (kid who plays jeremy greer) is...

-from my state
-born the same year as me
-also a leo.

if i find out we have the same birthday or something, i will legit pee myself.  it makes me especially happy, because i thought i was hardcore pedo-ing on him, haha.  i always crush on teh hawt boyz and then find out there is a much larger than acceptable age gap between us.  le sigh.

brb while i have fangirly fantasies~

...and maybe also write the second chapter to old woundsmaybe.

on that note...perhaps some fic-related babbling is in order?

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[fic] heroes: well into the night [1/1]

Title: Well Into the Night
Rating: PG-13 (swearing)
Characters: Claire Bennet, Jeremy Greer
Pairings: None
Spoilers: Tabula Rasa/Strange Attractors (s4)
Warnings: One f-bomb is dropped.  Slight silliness/fluff/possible OOC-ness, as well.
Disclaimer: If Heroes was mine, it would still be on TV.  So, clearly, it is not.
Summary: Jeremy and Claire have been working long hours, trying to train Jeremy to better control his abilities...needless to say, it's not going well.
Author's Note: After all the INSANELY DEPRESSING ANGSTANGST UUUGH that I've been putting out, I just wanted to do a pointless little drabble-y thing.  It didn't come out exactly as I'd hoped (wanted a clearer Jer/Claire vibe, not the brother/sister one I seem to have created), but it was still nice to take a wee break from srsbsns. <3

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[fic] heroes: a future given [1/?]

Title: A Future Given [1/?]
Rating: PG-13/R later
Characters (this chapter): Angela Petrelli, Noah Bennet, Jeremy Greer
Pairings: None (future Jeremy/Luke)
Spoilers: Will likely have spoilers throughout the entire series.
Warnings (this chapter): AU, implied violence.
Disclaimer: If Heroes was mine, it would still be on TV.  So, clearly, it is not.
Summary (this chapter): Angela has a dream that foretells a horrific murder - though she is unfamiliar with the victim, his would-be rescuer is a different story.
Author's Note: This was going to be my NaNoWriMo fic, but with how much my writing muse likes to dance off into the sunset (WITHOUT ME!), I decided to start early.  Yeah yeah, against the rules, whatever - you gotta do what you gotta do.

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[fic] heroes: old wounds [1/?]

Title: Old Wounds
Rating: PG-13/R (?)
Characters: Luke Campbell, Mary Campbell, Jeremy Greer, mentions of Sylar
Pairings: Jeremy/Luke
Spoilers: Trust and Blood/Building 26/Exposed (s3), Tabula Rasa/Strange Attractors (s4)
Warnings: Slight AU, swearing, mentions of: violent thoughts, child abuse, bullying, and general mischief.  Nothing too explicit.
Disclaimer: If Heroes was mine, it would still be on TV.  So, clearly, it is not.
Summary: Once he's returned, Luke's home life leaves much to be desired; the thought that a new friend could fix this sounds downright stupid to him, but he can't know until he tries.
Author's Note: Not entirely sure if I'll continue this what with NaNoWriMo looming, but I'd quite like to.  Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing more, and I'll see if I can't cook up a continuation. <3
Also, I'm terribly sorry to anyone I've spammed with all my cross-posting!

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nanowrihomo- err i mean...

sooo, i have this evil master plan to FINALLY take part in nanowrimo.  and i'm about to start outlining fer it.


i am happy about finally taking part after all these years of seeing others do it, i just hate the whole part about outlining...and researching...and ehh.

this is why i write short stories all the time.

i'm not even sure it's a good idea that i outline, sometimes when i do i end up feeling like 'well, i've already got my idea down...onto the next thing!' and how much would it suck fucking balls if that happened to me for nanowrimo?  adflkgnsdfg i don't know.

anyway- i know it's going to be a fanfic.  i'm not getting on well with my ocs at the moment, aha.  it'll be heroes.  it's gonna be an au where jeremy greer is ALIVEEE.  because ilhim even though he probably had a total of five minutes on screen. </3 fml.

anyway- i have loads more floating in my brain, but as previously mentioned, i'm a bit hesitant to pin anything down.  but i might make wee notes to myself so i don't forget anything.

besides all that, i'm working on editing a nick/ellis(ish) fic that completely got away from me.  i was trying to write something involving beatenup!ellis, but somehow managed to kill him...oops?  the ending is giving me hell, and i can't even tell if i pulled off the feel i was going for.  i kind of wish i had a beta, but...erf.  can you say trust issues?  i've heard of so many people getting their shit ripped off that i'm hesitant to just say 'yes' to the first person who offers to help.  but i digress...when it's all finished and polished and shiny 'n whatnot i'll post it to the nellis comm.  ohohoh, first comm submission?  maybe?  perhaps?  depends if i hear back from the heroes fic comm mods...i needed moar tagzz for the p.o.s. i posted here previously.

feh.  my internet is going wonky like it's gonna go kaput, so i'll wrap this up now.

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Writer's Block: Open book test

Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

that i don't read that much.

ahaha, ohhh that was awful.  but the truth!  i don't exactly read books, my eyes have trouble focusing on the pages and kind of end up...flailing all over the place.  makes it impossible to read, losing your place every few seconds.  so i just stick to reading things online.  i REALLY want to read books more though...might even get a kindle one day...

...i should be sleeping.  i have a concert to go to tomorrow.  yaaargh.
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[fic] l4d2: not like this [1/1]

Title: Not Like This
Rating: R
Characters: Nick, Ellis
Pairings: None (Nick/Ellis if you squint)
Spoilers: Hard Rain
Warnings: Violence, character death.
Disclaimer: I don't own Left 4 Dead - just the copy I play.
Summary: Nick always pictured the kid going out in a blaze of glory - guns blasting, or chainsaw roaring (maybe even both).  This, though...this never entered his mind.
Author's Note: Yikes, this has been sitting around since the 5th!  Seeing how it's now the 21st, and I've been editing other stuff like a mad woman, I figured I'd finally finish it up to post to the Nellis comm.  I'm sorry my first submission to you guys brings teh sadz! /weeps

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Writer's Block: Extraordinary Inspirations

What inspires you in life? What makes you want to reach for the stars and do something truly extraordinary?

oh hey, cue really typical teenager's answer- music.  which isn't to say i want to be a musician...but if i listen to the right shit at the right time, my heart beats faster, my blood gets pumping, and i feel like i could...wrestle a fucking bear or some shit.  which usually turns into the much-less-badass drawing or writing, but you get my meaning.  it can flick all my senses into overdrive, turn on the faucet of creativity in my brain.  it's pretty fuckin' sweet.

though, now i think of's really weird, but when i see successful youtubers who're at/around my age, making a living for themselves via the internet like i want makes me feel all fluttery and like anything is possible.  mitchell davis and kyle sibert being prime examples. /lavahead

ahaha, i always reread my answers and think of how petty they are.  but...i'm not lying, and who doesn't like a little simplicity now and again?  eh.  fuck 'em.