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this is completely random and entirely unreasonable, but...
luke: bitch i will cut you


whenever i go to a library or bookstore, i get incredibly overwhelmed and freaked out.  sometimes even to the point of having a panic attack.  it's not that i dislike books or reading, my brain just sort of...overloads at being presented with so many options.  which is probably why i never really read.


this carries over to every area of my life, though - i have A LOT of trouble with restaurant menus.  i can read them, and i can see the pictures, but none of the information really makes it to my brain.  i end up looking like a moron, pouring over the same page for minutes on end.  which is probably why i find one meal i like from a restaurant and only ever order that.


and i suppose, in a way, this extends into my interactions with people too.  i'm so overloaded by information when i'm in a group - facial expressions, body language, wording, tone - that i just go silent as my brain tries in vain to keep up.


i really dunno where this whole thing came from, but huzzah for being able to babble it out.  i've been abnormally quiet lately.  which does not feel awesome.

anywho.  i miss you, elljay.  hopefully i will have some writings to post soon, for the ideas have been gnawing at me!

i think i'm about to be dragged to dinner, so i shall take my leave. <3 /wave.