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sweet baby jesus
gee: right in the FACE
963 views...29 faves...53 comments...


might i add that most of it was acquired in ONE day.

i do not understand you peoples.  though that does not mean i don't appreciate it all.  but just...

FUCKING HELL, YOU GUYS.  REALLY.  i guess i have now learned first-hand that glee fandom is a little batty (yesisaidgleestfu).  this is the most views ANY of my artings have gotten in all of ever, and to have it happen in such a short amount of time is just a little mind-boggling is all.  the fact that there isn't even any sexing or making out makes me kinda proud that people seem to like it anyway, eheh....<3

anywho, i'm going to shut up now so i can finish a wee kurtofsky ficlet...thing...y...doo.  yupper.

in lieu of going off on a rant about the (otherwise) recent shittiness of my life, i shall simply say to anyone who bothered reading: i love you. <3 /sappy moment.

(previously mentioned art; links to full size at dA)