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so i had this master plan.

aaand it went to shit.

'twas for another jer/luke for thanksgiving, but i...just...ugh.  life.  yeah?  yeah.

plus...writing bug kind of went back into hiding.  little shit.  not to mention other things have taken charge of the obsessive portion of my brain, so there's that.  ehh.  the stars were not aligned in my favor is the gist of what i'm saying, i guess.  i don't fucking know, i haven't slept in two days and i've had a headache for the same amount of time.  fuck.

though writing bug has been off hiding with arting bug, i still have a few fic ideas floating about.  so much of the frustration at not being able to get them down/properly characterize them, oh my goodie.  i dee kay.

this journal is not even really worthy of posting, other than again informing that i have not died.  maybe i'll try my hand at some waycest sometime soon.  who the fuck knows right now.  yeeeegh.

OH!  might as well throw it in: i have a tumblr now.  total noob right here, ahaha.  link anyway, yo.

k i go die from too much food now.  ugh.

happy (late) thanksgivin', kids.
Tags: fail, general rambling, stfu already, this is called sleep deprivation
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