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hello there;
frank: intense
hello lj.  i am motorbabyx - or just motor.  i am an elljay newb, so if you've got pointers, they'd be moochly appreciated. 

---------a bit about me...
x female
x 19
x bi
x writer
x artist
x occasional fangirl
x lover of the slash
x big my chem fan
x sci-fi dork
x lazy fuck
x gaian
x tumblr-er
x deviantARTist

x heroes: jeremy/luke, jeremy/claire, sylar(gabriel)/luke, sylar(gabriel)/mohinder, nathan/peter, claire/zach, claire/gretchen.
x glee: dave/kurt
x my chemical romance: gerard/mikey, bob/gerard, ray/frank.
x stargate: atlantis: sheppard/mckay, sheppard/ford.
x left 4 dead: nick/ellis, francis/zoey.
x mass effect: m!shep/kaidan, m!shep/joker, m!shep/thane, m!shep/garrus, f!shep/liara.
x inception: eames/fischer, cobb/arthur.

i quite enjoy friends, don't be afraid to shoot me a request. :]  i probably won't use this for proper journal entries, just poking around in different fandomy things.

alright, that's just about enough of this intro post.  seeya kids. ;]

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Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

iii...don't know who that is? let alone what exactly you're referring to. err. sorry?

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