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[art/fic] heroes: festivites [1/1]

Title: Festivities [1/1]
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Jeremy Greer, Luke Campbell, Claire Bennet, mentions of several others.
Pairings: Jeremy/Luke
Spoilers: Trust and Blood/Building 26/Exposed (s3), Tabula Rasa/Strange Attractors (s4)
Warnings: Fluff, silliness, craziness, cussing, AU.  Be afraid.
Disclaimer: If Heroes was mine, it would still be on TV.  So, clearly, it is not.
Summary: Claire throws an enormous Halloween party, inviting only those with abilities.  Jeremy desperately wants to go, but his best friend is more than a little reluctant...
Author's Note: This makes me giddy...especially the fact that I got it done in time!  It could probably use some editing, but I'm a little too busy to do so at the moment - if there's anything horrendously obvious I've looked over, please, let me know!
Also- link to art is at the bottom, it'd probably be better to wait until after you've read.

"We really need to think of what our costumes are gonna be, dude," Jeremy mumbled around his forkful of frosting.

"Why do you even want to go to that stupid fucking party anyway - the only person we'd know there is Claire," Luke moaned, waving his frosting-covered spatula for emphasis.  Jeremy chose not to mention that he'd flung some of it across the cabinets.

"It could be fun - besides, how else do you meet people?  You're always bitching about being single."

"I seriously can't see what the hell that has to do with anything.  This isn't some corny teen movie, I'm not gonna get wrested away to the coat room and fucked senseless by some random person."

"I said single, not virgin," Jer clarified as he snagged a third (fourth?) piece of pizza.  Luke lunged for the last piece, shooting the other teen a glare after he'd taken a bite.

"Same diff," he muttered with a shrug, smearing another cupcake with the thick orange frosting.  Jer picked up one of the plastic bat decorations and jabbed it into the top of the confection.  It was probably a bad idea for Claire to've stuck the two of them with the job, but they hadn't said no...for some reason.

"Whatever.  I think it could be cool anyway.  Stop being such a buzzkill, that's supposed to be my job," Jer smiled briefly at Luke, who simply gave him the blankest of blank stares.  So, really, he should've seen the whole handful-of-frosting-in-his-hair thing coming.


"So I was thinking," Jeremy started, leaning in the doorway to his room.  Luke was sitting on the floor, hunched over a book, scribbling down notes, occasionally tapping at a calculator, and every now and then running an exasperated hand through his hair.  Jer always figured he had the GOOD kind of ADD for stuff like this; he could buzz through his homework like nobody's business.  How Luke managed to jump from subject to subject, he'd never know.

Why Luke would not admit to being as brilliant as he was, he would also never know.

"Hear that's dangerous," he responded belatedly, scribbling away on his pad of paper.  "If you say 'about our costumes,' I'm going to throw my Chemistry book at your face."

"Come on," Jeremy stomped a foot for effect.  "Everything fun that we do is what you want to do, and always ends in one - or both - of us getting yelled at.  Or worse.  Why don't you want to go?"

"Because ogling barely-clothed girls is not one of my favorite pastimes," Luke took a moment to look up at that, smirk on his face.

Jer chose not to give Luke the satisfaction of a response.  "I know what our costumes could be..." quiet, tinged with hope.

Luke let out a heavy sigh as he set his homework aside.

"You already put our costumes together, didn't you."

Jeremy stuffed his hands in his pockets and scuffed the floor with his shoe.  "They're in Claire's room."


"I hate you.  I fucking...I hate you so fucking much."

Jeremy smiled at his friend, switching his plastic scythe to his other hand so he could thump Luke on the back. least the back of his costume.

"Lets go," Jer was all smiles as the two of them made their way into the party - already in full swing and positively bursting with people.  Luke admittedly had much more trouble with this than Jeremy - never mind the fact that he absolutely did not want to be there.  Considering his costume, however, it wasn't like he could sneak off.  Thankfully he acknowledged this.

"Hey, you guys made it - I was starting to think we'd lost you!" Claire beamed as she dragged Jer into a bear hug.

At the sight of her costume, Luke looked downright livid.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?" he asked, eyes dancing with the brilliantly shining materials and accessories she was draped in.

"Oh!" she took a moment to step back and pose, smile still in place.  "I'm a diamond!  You know, indestructible girl and all.  Thought I'd be a little loose with my interpretation," she giggled.

The look Luke gave Jer was something like the look a rabid dog might give its owner before attacking.

"So, Jer, I'm liking this," she waved a hand around the taller boy, completely aware of Luke's rage building in the background.  "Grim Reaper Angel?  Very cute."

"I probably could've done better if I had more time," he laughed briefly before glancing down at his floor-length robe.  Somewhere in the back of his mind he was aware that Luke's eyes had burned several different holes straight through him.

"Luke, for what it's worth, yours is totally my favorite," Claire said quietly, giving his oversized cardboard box a flick.  His eye twitched; Jer could just tell he was wishing he'd spat on every cupcake they frosted for her.

"Yeah, it's just sooo original," Luke waved his hands briefly for effect, soon reaching an arm out to slap at the painted-on number pad and hit the Start button.


After roughly half an hour, the two had lost track of each other; a very excitable and admittedly small man had accosted Jeremy.  He was dressed as some sort of big black blob, with a pocket watch at the center.  Jer really didn't know how that translated into an ability.  His friend who was dressed up as a Duracell, however, was a little easier to piece together.

Once the small man had become distracted by an equally small girl dressed as a brain, Jer finally managed to politely slip away in search of Luke.

When he found him, he was stuffed in a sparsely populated corner, somehow looking at once bored and pissed off.  There was a man dressed as a sponge stood next to him, casually drinking, and Jer noticed every worried glance Luke tossed to him.

"Hey," Jeremy finally said once he'd weaved his way through the crowd.  "Having fun?"

"No," to the untrained ear it was flat, emotionless; but it was really rage-filled in a way only Jer could detect.  He had to sigh in defeat.

"You wanna borrow my wings?" he offered with an apologetic smile.  The amount of relief on his friend's face was almost comical.

"Dear god, thank you - help me outta this fucking thing," Luke pulled his arms inside, and tried pushing it over and off.  Jer set his scythe in the corner so he could help to lift off the large box.

"Alright guys, as you probably know I've been keeping my eyes open for the most creative costumes throughout the evening.  There are several categories, and when I call out your costume or name I want you to come up to the stage!" the crowd roared briefly with excitement, all eyes on the stage as Claire made the announcement on a mic.  Jeremy paused to peek over the crowd, trying to get a better view.

"Alright, now straight down to business.  We have our first winner - this one is for Most Accurate Representation.  And it iiis-"

"Dude, what the hell, thanks for the help," Luke whined as he finally managed to hoist the box from himself, panting and wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Microwave boy!" Claire called out, pointing toward the once-neglected corner and with it, every eye in the house.

"You have got to be fucking shitting me, woman," Luke whimpered, staring off at the distant stage with his best puppy eyes.

"Ohh you are not getting out of this one, Mr. Campbell, get your butt up here!" she giggled - it was high-pitched, and undeniably evil.  Jer wondered for a moment if the two of them were somehow secretly siblings, with how they treated each other at times.

Jeremy spun around to his friend, huge grin in place.  Luke managed to couple another whimper with an even more pathetic look, to which Jer responded by snatching the box away and shoving it back down over his friend.  With a little push toward the stage, Luke finally started to stumble off - not without muttering a long string of curses, of course.

Jeremy crossed his arms, a small chuckle finding its way from his throat as he just watched and listened to the crowd chant 'Micro-wave!  Micro-wave!'


"Last time you get to pick what we do.  Ever," Luke muttered as he collapsed onto Jeremy's couch.

"If we didn't go to the party, you would've dragged me out dressed in all black to scare little kids while they were out trick-or-treating.  And we would either be beaten to a pulp by angry parents, or in the back of a police car right now," Jer said before taking a swig straight from the milk carton.

"Yeah, but we would've had fun," Luke snorted.  He dragged a lazy hand through his hair, looking on the brink of sleep.  "'Sides, you could just heal me."

"Thanks for the concern, asshole - I can't heal myself."

"Yeah..." Luke's eyes drifted shut, his breathing slowly evening out.



"It wasn't all bad, was it?"

"The crowd-surfing was okay," he smirked to himself, eyes still shut.  "Some dude grabbed my ass way more than anyone needed to, even with the crowd-surfing."

Jeremy smiled at his feet, kicking them lightly as he felt a warm tingle around his cheeks.

Luke didn't miss a beat, even bothered to open his eyes.

"That was totally you, wasn't it?"

"Huh?" Jer asked, innocently picking at the frosting that was now dried onto the cabinets.  Claire had taught him the 'dumb blonde' act well.

Luke just smiled, letting his eyes fall closed again.  "Jer?"


"Got any Thanksgiving plans?"

Tags: art: heroes, char: claire bennet, char: jeremy greer, char: luke campbell, fic: heroes, pairing: jeremy/luke, rating: pg13, warning: au, warning: fluff
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