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funnyfun fun times.
luke: bitch i will cut you
so i just saw a movie - well, part of one movie, and then all of another.  i saw the first half hour (ish) of red, and all of easy a.  so possible spoiler...thingamabobs.  i don't even know, i'm too wired to know what i'm typing, haha.

so i went with my dad to the movies - we originally went to see red.  it's about ex-spies i guess...what i saw of it had bruce willis, morgan freeman, john malkovich, and karl urban.  and while i may like all o' them dudes, this just...royally sucked.  like, lots.  no character establishment or connection, just sort of...'hi this is my name and now i'm going to go do ___ for no apparent reason because you have no fucking idea about the first thing to do with my character,' so yeh.  the only one they really let you in on was who i guess the villain was (karl urban), and that kinda left you siding with him.  i got so colossally frustrated with how dead boring it was that i didn't see anything beyond the runway fight scene...thing...iunno.  bleeeh.

so yeah, i whipped out my phone and checked the time once i could no longer handle my frustration with the movie, realized easy a would be starting in ten minutes, and totally ditched my dad to go see it.  which is not something i usually do...ever, lol.  when i go somewhere with someone i am glued to their side.  this being because of my utter fail at social interaction.  so it was interesting.  eheh.  wow i'm a loser...ANYWAY.

i will freely admit that the biggest reason i snuck out of red to see easy a was dan byrd.  and while he was in it for all of five minutes - totally worth it.  i love that dude more and more with everything i see him in, he's seriously under appreciated.  i just wish he could get more varied parts than "teenager who is _____," 'cause i know he could pull 'em off.

i also totally have the hots for him, but that's neither here nor there.

let me just say i am totally not a lover of the chick flick/teen movie/whatever crap.  but i actually...liked this movie.  a lot.  new respect for emma stone - i thought she was really flat and boring in zombieland, but definitely not as olive.  she was actually pretty freakin' hilarious.  everyone else was, too.  had more fun seeing this than i have at the theater in a looong while (not to diss inception or scott pilgrim...it's just...they're all WAY different).

random but...lisa kudrow was a really awkward thing to have thrown in there.  seemed pointless, as she wasn't really playing a comedic part in a movie filled entirely by other people who were.  only bit i didn't really like.

also - omfg, olive's family.  reminded me so much of my own, man.  sans small adopted kid, of course.  but still.  their joking and talking and trust and...urf.  kind of reminded me how good i have it.  and how i should reward them for said awesome by GETTING MY GOOD-FOR-NOTHING ASS OUT OF THEIR SHIT.  ahem.  anyway.

in summary: i would totally watch it again.  and giggle endlessly.  it was just one o' those movies that brought me the happies (which i have been in desperate need of late).

now, onto my social failing of the evening...

i made smallchat with an employee at hot topic.  something i never do because i fucking suck at talking oh my god.  it was weird, but it gave me a rush like i had just done something that was actually cool, and not something that was totally average and normal to everyone else in the entire world.  oh my god iamsuchaloser brb killing myself.
i also think i scared a girl working at the theater by accosting her and asking her a bunch of questions, haha.  oh god there is no end to my fail.

mh, that was my evening i guess.  and now i am here and it is late and my sleeping schedule is gonna be so so so fucked tomorrow, but i'm so god damn wired for no apparent reason i feel like i might vibrate out of my skin.  UGH.

so...the rambling continues i guess?

i don't even know man.  i really want to write funny, silly, fluffycute things right now - and i want them to be jer/luke.  but dear lord is it ever difficult to get them to stop sniping back-and-forth long enough for anything cute to happen.  hell, i don't even know what the cuteness could be - my headcanon jeremy has two settings, and neither lend themselves all that well to cuteshit (with luke anyway...with claire, he can get down with it).  and i can't see luke initiating cuteshit.  though, now i think of it...i may have to come up with something along those lines.

i forget rambling clears brainblock sometimes.  ehh.  /takes note

i feel like there are at least 2-4 things i am completely forgetting to mention here...but i give up trying to remember 'em.  i've gone on long enough anyhow.

fuck, i can't stop thinking about that movie...is it wrong that i totally want an icon now of thatrandomdude curled around dan, with the text "I'M GAY, BITCHES!"  lolz FOREVER.


...ahem.  so yeah.  here goes attempt at sleep #1?

biiitch, i don't need no tags. /talk2dahand