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what is this 'sleep' you speak of?  i know only of fangirling. /confused stare

so i'm going to babble now, like only an exceedingly sleep-deprived motor can do.

fuuuckiiinggg shiiit.  i start a new fic, get stuck, move on to something else, get stuck, start a new fic, etc. etc.

three four times.  three four.  fucking.  times.

every time, i am sitting there, flailing like the biggest moron you've ever seen, chanting to myself 'almost done!  almost done!  almost doneee!  then i can edit!  WHEEE!' but then - nope, no, stuck again biatch!

so to alleviate some of that frustration, i am going to babble about what i do have written.

first is the second chapter to old wounds.  i had thought i was done with it (except editing), but it just...keeps...growing...what sucks as well is that it seems to need more editing than the first chapter, and more editing = needing longer lengths of mental clarity, and such things are hard to come by for me, haha.  aside from all that...i think my recent leap back into slight fluffness has caused it to come out a lot sillier than i meant for it to.  i don't know.  i've had like five hours of sleep in the past few days, so it could be the best thing i've ever/will ever write for all i know right now, haha!
second was going to be the second chapter to a future given, but i think i'm going to trash it.  it doesn't match the flow or style of the first chapter whatsoever, so it just seems awkward as it is.  unfortunate, since that means the whole chapter will involve a different set of events - i'm incapable of rewriting things.  makes me antsy.
third is a wee jer/claire drabble i did while listening to 'spring and a storm' on repeat.  i like where it could go, but i got even less of this one done than the others.  sadface.
last - most certainly not least - is a jer/luke that i have fallen madly in love with.  it's just a oneshot, but still...HNNGH<3  it involves video games, overly sweary boys, and ridiculous amounts of dialogue.  i promise it's way more awesome than i made it sound.

so yeah.  that's all i have lying around for now...but i might try a wee waycest at some point tomorrow.  i miss dem boyz.

random: i just bought tally hall's cd, after a bajillion years of streaming it.  SO FUCKING WORTH IT, I CAN'T EVEN.  well hellooo there high quality versions, what don't start and stop while my persnickety internet tries to load the rest of them~
random-er: journal title is the title of one of their songs.  it contains no actual words, just pure, unadulterated silliness.  hint: it involves chickens.  look it up, or you will never truly know the full meaning of the saying 'WTF?!'

maybe now i can sleep...aahhh...

i'm totally going to regret this entry in the morning.  nnhhh...good thing i don't care about that right now.
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